Original Establishment The Alliance for Development and Population Services (ADEPS,http://www.adeps.or.ke) was established in 2001 in the county of Vihiga, Kenya. The creation of Noah's Ark Academy in Maragoli is a result of efforts towards the Mission Objective of ADEPS. Their stated main objective is “To build not only a working, but more so, a competent,... Continue Reading →

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Author: Sheila R. My name is Sheila. I am 13 years old and I live in Kapkerer village. We are 7 in my family, father, mother, 2 brothers and 3 sisters. I like playing with my siblings at home. I am in grade 7 at Noah’s Ark Academy. My favorite subjects are English and science. ... Continue Reading →


How Noah’s Ark Academy works  Noah’s Ark Academy fully operates and works within the normal formal learning institution’s setting and designed to offer the following services;  Educational and counseling services Recreational programs  Healthcare Feeding Conducting  modification of behavior in order to cater for children’s learning difficulties and remedial education Organize for individual, group/family therapy so as to teach the parents/guardians how to analyze and help identify and develop children’s... Continue Reading →


Noah’s Ark Academy actively participates in extra-curriculum activities including music, and athletics. Public education in Kenya is based on an 8–4–4 system. There are eight years of primary education, four years of secondary school and four years of college or university. There is a new education system in transition throughout the country. When this is... Continue Reading →

Invictus Institute Partnership

Invictus Institute is a partner to Noah's Ark, providing English speaking tutors to meet with the students via SKYPE. Invictus Institute also provides support for the technology needed and other issues that may need attention. An example is the development of this website by Invictus volunteers in coordination with the school. Tutoring started with a... Continue Reading →

Goals and Challenges

The basic needs that the school exists to fill  An urgent need to enhance creativity and innovations by making people start to think differently about themselves in order for them to become real masters of their own destinies, for longer term stability and security for individuals, families and communities. The need for them to learn to recognize and understand how best to utilize the... Continue Reading →

Student Background

Noah's Ark Academy works with orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) i.e. children who have lost their parents due to one reason or another and also children from broken families and poverty stricken families. We note the long range effects of disrupted family life on children, it is evident in walking into their homes. One will... Continue Reading →

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