Invictus Institute Partnership

Invictus Institute is a partner to Noah’s Ark, providing English speaking tutors to meet with the students via SKYPE. Invictus Institute also provides support for the technology needed and other issues that may need attention. An example is the development of this website by Invictus volunteers in coordination with the school.

Tutoring started with a few students and a few tutors. Tutoring is done 6 days a week for 5 one hour class sessions each day. The classes may be 2 students split into 30 minutes each, three students together for an hour, or two students together for an hour. The tutors, Mr. Churchill, and the students work out the details of their class time. There is a focus on learning English and furthering the student’s ability to speak, understand, and write English. Tutors may use the student’s class topics, such as science or math subjects in their lessons thus reinforcing their regular class learning while practicing and learning English.

A need at Maragoli at this time is more Volunteers! Please visit the Invictus Institute website, and explore the opportunities for tutoring. No experience required, we will assist anyone needing a few ideas, including sitting in on one of our SKYPE lessons. We have tutors from high school age to Senior Citizen retirees. Our tutors also include several university students. We would welcome you into this awesome group. Your contribution to the education of the Noah’s Ark Academy students will be most appreciated. AND, you will be rewarded with a feeling of accomplishment and joy as you see the difference you can make!!

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