To contribute and care for the improvement of their education and to generally restore the troubled children and youngsters to active useful living in Maragoli and Vihiga county at large and the surrounding areas.



To build and develop these children according to each ones disposition so that each one can grow and develop into their true best selves. The best that God ordained them for as a way of putting to full and proper use each and every ounce of strength residing in every individual. So as to enable them to face the future with total confidence and take a dedicated and creative action towards overcoming poverty.



There are no other efforts in place in the area directly tailor-made to promote true and meaningful careers and professionalism that would steadily steer the right culture of creativity and innovation; this remains the only way to guarantee long term stability and security for individual, families, and community’s general sustainable development.

There is completely no culture of creativity and innovation in the area, hence the current elusive and high level of poverty with many more social, cultural, economic and technological problems witnessed in this place. 



To be a model center of excellence in educational activities and to promote more relevant, meaningful, and true careers and professionalism that will be seen to provide a lasting solution to the many current social, economic, cultural, political, and technological problems witnessed in this place. 



To provide education through a deliberate and productive step by step process, analyzing and discovering each child’s underlying abilities and passions.  To mold and develop them according to each ones disposition, setting up strong foundations for them to grow and develop into different meaningful and more interesting careers and professions and help them be more competent in innovation and creation, hence a more productive life. 



“The secret to anyone’s development, lies in each one individual; each as having special qualities for improvement and development.” 

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