The Alliance for Development and Population Services (ADEPS, was established in 2001 in the county of Vihiga, Kenya. The creation of Noah’s Ark Academy in Maragoli is a result of efforts towards the Mission Objective of ADEPS. Their stated main objective is “To build not only a working, but more so, a competent, more healthy, economically stable and focused community, equipped with the necessary tools, skills and knowledge for self-reliance and development leading to full realization of human potentials”.

ADEPS is a non-profit, non-commercial, Community Based Organization (CBO). Mr. Churchill Butalia is the Director/Coordinator. Mr. Butalia is also the Headmaster of the Noah’s Ark Academy, directing the staff and facilitating all of the programs within the school.

Mr. Butalia describes the establishment of Noah’s Ark as a result of ADEPS’ first intervention into the health sector. He comments that the organization continued to encounter many troubled children and youngsters owing to the dreaded HIV/AIDS prevalence in the area as well as other calamities. The following are the primary programs ADEPS is working on to seek improvement in outcomes in the communities they service.


  • Country: Kenya
  • Province: Western
  • County: Vihiga
  • Sub/County: Hamisi
  • Division: Tambua
  • Location: Tambua
  • Sub/Location: Kiptemesi
  • Village: Mutave

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