Student Blog

Author: Sheila R.

My name is Sheila. I am 13 years old and I live in Kapkerer village. We are 7 in my family, father, mother, 2 brothers and 3 sisters. I like playing with my siblings at home.

I am in grade 7 at Noah’s Ark Academy. My favorite subjects are English and science.  Would like to be a lawyer when I grow up. My favorite dish is rice and beef. My school is built using iron sheets and the floor is dusty. We do not have a play ground, we just play in a small place with no grass and our gate is so small and weak.

Our latrines are built with iron sheets and are weak. Our kitchen is small and also made up of iron sheets. We do not have enough learning materials needed for proper education. We have electricity in our school although it is not stable. We are happy that Kasey and his team of tutors from all over the world teach us and we are very grateful. I will be very happy to see improvement in our school.

Author: Hawkins S.

I am Hawkins. I come from Givudemesi village in Maragoli in Vihiga County of western Kenya. I like doing revision. My favorite subject is English. I like English because it is easy to understand. We are a family of 8, father, mother, 4 brothers and 2 sisters. Father retired 15 years ago as a teacher forcing my brothers to drop out of school. My mother is not working. I would like to become an engineer when I grow up.

At school, I have learnt that life is not easy unless one is disciplined and hard working. One requires effort in order to become successful in life.

 I want to express my gratitude to Kasey’s team because they are the ones who have motivated me by teaching me English. They have also helped other pupils in my school by teaching them too. My school is built on iron sheets and has a small compound. We have 8 classes; we also have chalkboards and desks. The ground around our school is dry. Our toilets are also made with iron sheets. I would like to see our feeding program improved because we only depend on dry maize and at other times dry maize mixed with beans every day. Depending on this one type of meal everyday sometimes have stomach problems. We also do not have enough teachers, learning materials, standard classes for proper learning and any other things.

Author: Scholastica M.

My name is Scholastica, I come from Kapchemgung village.  I am 11 years old in class six at Noah’s Ark Academy. Our school is made up of iron sheets and mud; the floors are also made up of mud. My favorite subject is English. At home, I help my mother with some chores in the house. I like playing football, jump rope and dancing. I love my family because they take care of me.

I love myself and I would like to be a doctor and work all over Kenya and other countries.

Author: Anne J.

My name is Anne and I come from Givudemesi village. I love my family very much. My family gives me encouragement and support to work hard because they want me to achieve my dreams. They tell me not to lose hope and have courage. I love them very much. 

At school I do many things such as playing games, music and reading. I like participating in music. I like playing leg ball, netball and volleyball. For me I believe that we should work hard to improve on our studies because without education we cannot bring change. I am happy that our school is helping us to improve our education. I would like to become a lawyer in order to defend the innocent. 

At hove I love fetching water and firewood, I like washing and cleaning the compound. I like going to church on Sundays. We go to sing for God for the good things he is doing for us and pray for more. 

At school, things are not very good because we do not have many things. Our compound is small so we can’t play well, our classes are made up of old classrooms, and we don’t have enough books and teachers. We are very happy with our teachers in the computer. They help us learn English and many things.  

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