Student Background

Noah’s Ark Academy works with orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) i.e. children who have lost their parents due to one reason or another and also children from broken families and poverty stricken families.

We note the long range effects of disrupted family life on children, it is evident in walking into their homes. One will witness a dull and stressful kind of environment, an environment to bring about not only psychological problems, but also health complications when there is no money to fight off the health problems. More so, it has been shown that the more stress an individual is exposed to at any given time, the greater the chances of developing a serious physical/emotional illness in the near future. Furthermore, it is scientifically argued that even for hereditary factors, children can still escape the mental problem if they were brought up in a stress free environment. It is well known that a person’s surroundings during early years of life can have a lasting effect on his intelligence. This justifies the two different groups of expert argument that mental retardation leading to lower scores is as a result or her intelligence and that early training also has an important effect on someone’s of deprived background and the other groups assertion that diseases are to blame. In whichever case, the fact remains that environment in which a child remains matters a lot.

We are aware that health complications can affect a child’s mental system and the effects of hardcore poverty on children in our area are also evident. We are trying to reduce the effects of these issues on our children and the resultant effects that follow them into adulthood.

The recent evidence from research by the Kenyan ministry of education in 2017 which covered lower primary school in the country reveal the following results:

  • Grade 3: Only 4.5% of pupils in the country throughout the 47 counties could manage to pass the set level 4 standards in mathematics as the required grade to pass into the 4th standard.
  • A whopping 95.5% of the students posted poor performances.Only 14.6% children throughout the 47 seven counties could manage to arrange English language properly, while the remaining 85.4 % failed. The other areas had no scores at all.
  • reports that 70% of class three children in Kenyan schools cannot manage class 2 work and that 11% of class 8 pupils throughout the country cannot tackle class 2 work.

Meaning that the situation is indeed serious.

Noah’s Ark Academy is therefore meant to screen and rehabilitate these children. Along with these responsibilities, the school also educates, treats, cares, feeds and counsels these children

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