Noah’s Ark Academy actively participates in extra-curriculum activities including music, and athletics.

Public education in Kenya is based on an 8–4–4 system. There are eight years of primary education, four years of secondary school and four years of college or university. There is a new education system in transition throughout the country. When this is part of Noah’s Ark Academy, we will do an update about how things have changed.

Noah’s Ark Academy is a primary school with classes through grade 8. Although it is sponsored by an organization rather than a public school, the curriculum and practices follow the general requirements of the Kenya Ministry of Education. The students are required to take national exams.

The curriculum covers the topics as follows: Standards 1-3: English, Environmental-Religious activities, Hygiene – Nutrition Activities, Kiswahili and Mathematics.

For Standards 4-8, the topics are: Composition, English, Kiswahili, Mathematics, Science and Social-Religious studies.

Note that in addition to studying English in their classes and some students with the Invictus Institute tutors, they also study their Kiswahili language

Science topics include studying plants and animals, in particular as it relates to the agricultural life in their geographical area. With the prevalence of HIV/AIDS in Africa, this subject is included on the curriculum for several grades as well. Many environmental subjects such as pollution, soil, and water usage are included. Learning about simple machines, subjects of matter, weather, types of energy, food and nutrition, health and hygiene and care of the teeth are covered in their studies.


A note from Tutor Sandy: “I have had a lot of fun and learning using the students science subjects to reinforce their class topics and emphasize the English reading, vocabulary, and comprehension while tutoring about their science subjects. Thank goodness for Google, wonderful internet resources and You Tube!!”


New Lesson Topic for Girls

A new lesson series has been started by tutor Jeannie. The class, “Yes, I Can”, is for older grade girls and is designed to support young women using English to help them learn about other girls and women around the world who have become very strong and successful. They are also learning HOW they have succeeded. Several great resources about women of Kenya who are contributing to the lives of people in Kenya through their leadership and innovative ideas are being used.
The students enrolled in the new class are very excited about the lessons and we look forward to hearing more about “Yes, I Can”, in the future.


The MMP –  Maragoli Music Program

Tutors Julie and Sandy have had a vision for Noah’s about starting a music program at the school.    MMP is about to get started with tutor Julie and her professional music experience.   There will be a music leader at the school who will help the students.  Stay “tuned” for more information.  A goal is to post a “Music Video” of our students entertaining with their music.  

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