How Noah’s Ark Academy works 

Noah’s Ark Academy fully operates and works within the normal formal learning institution’s setting and designed to offer the following services; 

  • Educational and counseling services 
  • Recreational programs  
  • Healthcare 
  • Feeding 
  • Conducting  modification of behavior in order to cater for children’s learning difficulties and remedial education 
  • Organize for individual, group/family therapy so as to teach the parents/guardians how to analyze and help identify and develop children’s talents and passion. 
  • Offer play therapy and formal education programs 
  • Offer other basic skills needed to help the children get along in life. 

How the school is governed 

The school is governed by a committee of 8 members. These are suitable members who are identified and appointed by existing parents / guardians to the children. The main task of this committee is to make policy and provide proper general management and running of the school 

The school’s organizational structure 

The school’s organizational structure provides for the director as the top personnel in the management and running of the school, assisted by the head teacher who is also assisted by the management committee and members of the teaching staff.  

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